What types of orbital overlap occur in cumulene?


What types of orbital overlap occur in cumulene?

check all that apply. check all that apply. p/p overlap sp/sp2 overlap s/sp overlap sp/sp overlap s/s overlap sp2/sp2 overlap s/sp2 overlap?

Answer 1 – ( Expert Verified )

Cumulene is an alkene hydrocarbon that has two or three double bonds. It is also known as allene. The simplest cumulene is butatriene. It is a rigid hydrocarbon due to the presence of double bonds.

Answer: The orbital that overlap are p/p overlap, s/sp2 overlap, sp/sp2 overlap and sp/sp orbital.

Answer 2 – ( Expert Verified )

Answer: The carbons on the closures are sp² hybridized, with a p-orbital for the ‘second’ bond in the twofold bond with their neighboring carbons. They have those sp² orbitals covering with the s from the hydrogen, and they have a p covering in the pi bond with the neighboring carbon. They likewise have a sigma bond with the neighboring carbon I’ll get to. The center carbons each have two pi bonds with their neighbors, leaving sp hybridiaztion for the rest. So they have sp/sp² with the end carbons, and sp/sp with each other. (What’s more, they likewise have p/p in the pi bonds). So the total list is: s/sp² p/p sp/sp² sp/sp

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